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Chakra Card Reading & Chakra Clearing

Angel Tarot Card Reading & Chakra Clearing is a powerful tool to help you clear and create your exciting future!

Release old patterns, clear past blocks and create energy that help you attract more of what you want in life.

In this session, you will experience your personalized Angel Card reading and chakra clearing with the option to use healing essential oils.

Can’t make the session?

Message me if you want a personal session or a webinar.

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Salt Cave - Chakra Card Reading & Healing

Melt into the warm pink himalayan salts as I guide you through your customized Chakra Card Reading and silent Chakra Clearing. This session feels like a day at the beach as you breath in the healing properties of the salts. Perfect for those with allergies, asthma, or those who suffer from cabin fever.

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Sound Healing Chakra Dance

Energize your seven chakras in this upbeat, inspiring class. The music & movement works in synergy to revitilize you and prepare you for the healing affects of Chakra Tuning Meditation immediately following this class. Shoes optional.

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Total Wellness - Coaching Consultation

Schedule a 30 minute phone consultation to learn more about creating a customized coaching package (a gift for yourself).

I offer online and phone consultation resources for your total well-being including: highly effective 5 minute workouts, 5 minute meditations and super easy meal planning strategies for the busiest of people.

Gone is the notion, that you’ve got to spend an hour a day working out, or meditating - even five minutes of daily mindfulness can change your life!

The $25 fee that you pay for this consultation will be applied to your Customized Coaching Package.

Client references are available for you to learn more about my approach & the results you will get from working with me.

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Winter Solstice Chakra Clearing & Sound Healing

Chakras are the body’s energy centers, and much like a car, they require regular tune-ups. When your chakras are in tune your body works optimally. Your days become more energized and your sleep becomes more restorative.

In this class we use chakra clearing music, bolsters, props, and optional organic essential oils, as I guide you through the chakra meditation to balance, clear and cut any cord attachments that steal your energy.

Note: if essential oils are not for you, color therapy will be used.


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Your Sacred Space in home healing

If you desire an energetic shift in your home, one that does not require a ton of money, or a dramatic remodel, a healthy home consultation is for you.

Together we will co-create a sacred space - a home that you cannot wait to come home to!

I’ll start by assessing your home’s energy fields and together we will clear and set intentions in every nook & cranny of your blessed home.

Based on your preference, I use sacred smudge spray, organic essential oils, color therapy and affirmations to attract what you want into your sacred space.

After the clearing, and intention setting, I will provide you with simple solutions to keep your home clear and energized.

I look forward to co-creating your sacred space with you. Message me to set up your consultation today!