”Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence are the four universal healing salves.” Gabrielle Roth

About AbunDANCE Wellness Coaching by Dawn Bliss

In ancient tradition when you went to a medicine person feeling sick or depressed, she would immediately ask, “when did you stop dancing? When did you stop storytelling? When did you stop giving yourself moments of silence?” “Dancing, singing, storytelling and silence are the four universal healing salves.” Gabrielle Roth

I help you apply the four universal healing salves through dancing, singing your story and in silent meditation.

In my sessions I invite you

to show up exactly as you are in this very moment. If you got eight hours of sleep, no sleep, or just finished a 12 hour workday. Wherever you are, I meet you in the now.

I recognize life isn’t about perfection. Life is about doing the best we can, with what we have, right now.

Together we will apply our universal healing salves.


dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence.

Salve 1: Dancing

Chakra Dance uses simple, effective movements to revitalize and energize each of your seven chakras - your energy centers! This class is set to beautiful music and uses guided visualization to help you feel clear, energized and balanced.

Salves 2 & 3:

Singing and Storytelling

If the story you desire for your life feels more like fiction, we will co-create a reality that has you boldly singing your story out to the world!

As your Coach, I help you write your unique story and if the chaos of this world causes you to lose sight of your story, then I will sing your story back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I offer a myriad of resources (we never even have to meet in person) to support five-minute, highly effective daily workouts, restoration & meditation practices; including super easy & nutritious recipes for the busiest of people. I also offer healthy home consultations to create your serene space.

Salve 4: Silence

Meditation is an effective tool to cultivate silence. I use Chakra Meditation as a total body tune-up to help you clear and balance each of your seven Chakras. These seven energy centers are your “Prana” - life force and when functioning optimally your life works in harmony.

Salt Cave Meditation - Girls night out!

This is the perfect solution to a dreadful Minnesota winter. Be enveloped by the healing elixirs of the warm, pink himalayan salts. Feels like a day at the beach & perfect for a healthy girls night out. Offered in Minneapolis & Stillwater, Minnesota.


I partner with a dynamic group of healers to offer a fall reTREAT in Northern, MN and a spring reTREAT in Troncones Mexico. The focus is freedom, community and connecting with nature.

About me:

I created this space for us to collectivekly recharge our batteries by applying one (or all) of the universal healing salves. I founded AbunDANCE Wellness Coaching upon recognizing corporate america was a wrong fit for me and I needed to step into my bliss.


I am a Certified Wellness Coach with a Masters Degree in Adult Education. I have successfully worked for various fortune 100’s as an HR Consultant. When that ended, I pursued various certifications in healing modalities.

I hold a White Belt in the Nia Somatic Education (body awareness) Technique. I am Certified in Yoga MELT (myofascial release) through NETA. My Certification in Chakra Dance & Chakra Meditation is from the Choquette Institute.